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The Online Red Queen Chase
It seems strange, doesn’t it, the way that literature – the way that stories that we’ve read or movies that we’ve seen – comes back to us as adults. For many small business owners who are trying to develop an online marketing plan and a better handle on small business Internet marketing, the reference that keeps coming back to me is Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen from Through the Looking Glass.

It was the Red Queen whose character suggested that sometimes it will take all the energy that you have, all of the effort that you can possibly put in, just to stay where you are. Many small business owners who are taking the time to commit themselves to understanding small business Internet marketing often feel that they are giving everything that they’ve got, that they are putting forth all of their effort into boosting their search engine rankings only to stay right where they started.

Rather than running to stand still, rather than exhausting yourself and spreading yourself thin in order to keep up with small business Internet marketing tips and tactics, why not focus on a few key areas? Rather than trying to do everything at once, why not focus on a few key elements with your online marketing plan, and focus on doing them well?

A solid online marketing plan, after all, is an online marketing plan that brings you the results that you’re looking for. A solid online marketing plan considers your business goals and your business objectives and helps you to achieve them. Working with an online marketing consultant who specializes in small business Internet marketing can help you to develop a solid online marketing plan.

An online marketing consultant can work with small business owners to get them off of their Internet marketing treadmill. For those who wish to drive traffic to their websites using article marketing, an online marketing consultant can help you to determine to which directories to submit articles. For those who are interested in pay-per-click – PPC – campaigns that will target individuals who are searching for a specific key phrase, an online marketing consultant can help to approach pay per click in a way that will not break the bank.

There are, of course, additional components of a good online marketing plan. For some, the key will be including a blog – either within the small business website or on its own unique website – that will allow small business owners to strike up a conversation about a product or a service, a chance to build relationships with their current and prospective clients. Viral marketing using videos or creating links using social bookmarking sites are also valuable tools for small business Internet marketing – when they are used correctly.

When you attempt to implement all of these and other strategies into your online marketing plan – when you make it your goal to do it all and to do it all yourself – you may as well be chasing the Red Queen and working as hard as you can only to stay where you are. The key, however, to small business marketing and abandoning the online Red Queen chase is to know that sometimes you are going to need some help.

A qualified online marketing consultant can provide that help, work with you to keep your business objectives in mind and achieve your goals simply by allowing you to focus on your online marketing plan. With the right small business Internet marketing, you’ll stop chasing the Red Queen and begin to see real results.