co What Should You Make Of Flipagram? |

People love to show off. They love to show off their families. And they love video. That’s why Flipagram is promising to be a popular new smartphone app that allows users to make short videos using their own photos and music provided by the app. But can it be used for marketing purposes?

The biggest issue I see with Flipagram being used for marketing are copyright issues. It depends on the nature of the licenses the app makers secured which would allow people to use copyrighted music with their family photos. It depends on whether the service comes with built in commercial restrictions on the use of that copyrighted music. And it depends on whether Flipagram allows users to upload their own music along with their photos.

Copyright restrictions taken out of the picture, microvideos could be a great way to promote your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All you’ll need is a library of photos and someone to put them together in a simple video format.

But that’s just dreaming until someone figures out how to do it without violating copyright laws or the rights of others. As for me, I think it’s a sublime idea. Make a video presentation with your photos and end it with a link that points back to your website. You can do it now on YouTube, but Flipagram is designed to be used with your smartphone. You can download the app for the IOS operating system and for Android. What do you think?