co 5 Ways To Use Twitter Chats For Branding |

Social media branding is powerful and can build a good business following with the right promotion and energy behind it. One of the least utilized ways of branding through social media is the Twitter chat. Simply hosting a chat session on Twitter can boost your brand and lead to new business. Here are 5 ways to make Twitter chats work for you.

  1. Create a unique hashtag and promote the heck out of it. Make sure you schedule your Twitter chat session for a specific period of time and do everything you can to get as many people there as possible.
  2. Adopt a hashtag that is perfect for the conversation you want to have and use it. The drawback to this method is you may be cutting into someone else’s conversation. If you research the hashtag first, you may find one that isn’t used often.
  3. Use a service like Tweetchat.
  4. Invite a celebrity or a well known person in your niche to host the chat or be a guest. Conduct an interview with this person or have them discuss specific talking points using a hashtag that will brand you and draw people to the chat based on the celebrity’s identity.
  5. Conduct your Tweetchat across multiple social media channels using the same hashtag. Other services like Google+, Facebook, and Instagram also use hashtags. By cross-promoting the chat session, you may be able to reach more people.

A Twitter chat session can boost your brand and your reputation while drawing more targeted customers to your business.