co 3 Easy Content Types To Write With Ranking Potential |

If you’re looking for ways to get better and higher rankings for your content but want to write content that is easy and simple to write, then I have news for you. It’s possible, doable, and easy to achieve.

These are not the only types of content that will rank well for your keywords, but these three types of content are easy to write and have high ranking potential if approached in the right way.

  1. Top X Tips – Let X equal a number. Write a top 10 tips post, a top 20 tips, etc. You can do this with almost anything. Just pick a topic, make a list of the tips you want to share, and write the post.
  2. Problem/Solution – Think of a problem. Now think of the solution. Write it as a blog post or a “sticky” page on your website.
  3. Case Study – No matter what your product or service is, you can write a case study. Pick a customer and help them do something. Write a case study on how you solved that customer’s problem or helped them do something. This is one you can write as you go. Keep good notes and the story is written for you before you start to write it.

These three types of content are easy to write and have great ranking potential. Say you heard it here first.