co Why Blog Comments Are About Branding |

Remember when blog comments were about building links and traffic? That was the early days of blogging. Just about everybody was doing it. Then Google decided not to count blog comments for links. That pretty much shut down the blog-commenting-as-linkbuilding game.

But blog comments still hold value. They just don’t hold link building value.

The value to be found in blog comments today is in branding. When you leave a blog comment on a blog post within your niche, you are essentially signing that comment with your stamp of authority. Some readers might agree with your points of view. Others won’t. It isn’t your concern really who agrees or not as long as you can defend your position rationally and respectfully.

When you successfully brand yourself through blog comments, you’ll find your traffic. The people who like your branding story will follow your links and visit your site. Some of them may do business with you.

Rather than get wrapped up in how much traffic you get from blog comments, focus instead on leaving quality comments that brand your business in a powerful way. If you comment on the right posts and reach the right market, you’ll be remembered. After that, the devil is in the details.