co Why Tablets Are The Future Of Marketing |

Can you imagine a time when most people have tablet computers but no desktops or laptops? According to one survey, the majority of people who own computers would give up their laptop for a tablet. Even more striking, 56% of them would click on an ad on their tablet before clicking on an ad on their PC.

Never mind why this is so, but if that’s the direction that computer usage is going in, then it would behoove content marketers to pay close attention. It may be that someday you will do most of your online marketing toward people who own tablets and not laptops or PCs.

If that’s the case, you should also be aware that marketing to tablet owners is different than marketing to PC and laptop users.

For one thing, tablet computers are more like mobile phones or PDAs than PCs or laptops. The display screen is different. That’s why responsive websites are important. Unless your website is responsive, it won’t be viewed on a tablet computer. If tablet owners can see it the way you intended, they won’t see the ads or click on them. That’s less revenue in your pocket.

I can definitely see a time when most people own tablets rather than PCs and laptops. You should capture that vision too.