co Have You Set Up Your Content Groupings Yet? |

Google Analytics is rolling out a new feature. It’s called Content Grouping.

I like this. You simple take a collection of URLs and group them into a content grouping category so that you can view aggregated metrics and analyze them. In other words, you won’t be able to see website traffic and other stats on each page, but you will be able to see the important metrics on the entire group. If you’re wondering how that will help you, visualize this.

You have several hundred blog posts that address a specific topic from a variety of angles. Most of those blog posts are buried way down in the search rankings and aren’t getting much traffic. But you still blog about that topic.

By being able to follow the metrics for the entire content group, you can see how your readers engage with that content across all of those URLs. If your content group is getting good reach and engagement overall, then you can start sharing some of those old, buried blog posts to get them some renewed interest. If you find that the content grouping isn’t that popular, then stop blogging on that topic.

This should give you a much more realistic view about the value of a particular topic as opposed to simply following keyword data.