co Why Authority Is The New SEO |

If you’ve been paying attention to Google’s algorithm changes for the past couple of years, you’ve likely noticed something. It seems they are canalizing webmasters into certain courses of action. One of the things that Google wants webmasters to focus on is building authority. This is a big shift from the way that Google has ranked web pages in the past, but I think it’s a better way.

Authority comes in different flavors, however.

There is Author Rank, which isn’t the best indicator of authority but is a good start. Author Rank is a combination of signals (search and social) that help in determining your reputation as an author. It doesn’t really have anything to do with ranking your web pages. It’s simply a way for other citizens of the Net to judge your ability as an author to communicate clearly and establish your reputation.

Page Authority is a specific metric that measures a web page’s likelihood of ranking against its competitors. By the same token, Domain Authority is a set of signals that establish how likely your domain is going to rank against its competitors. These are two areas of SEO that you should pay attention to in the future.

There are various ways to influence your Author Rank as well as your page and domain authority. I’d start with your Google+ profile. You want to build Authorship into your web site and your Google+ profile. Beyond that, you should also focus on creating quality content, promoting it through social media and other relevant online channels, building your brand, and establishing relationships with key influencers in your niche. If you focus your energy on creating quality content and promoting that content with the end user in mind rather than building links and creating keyword-based content that doesn’t move anywhere, then you’ll do a lot to make yourself an authority in your niche.