co 3 Reliable Ad Networks For Small Businesses |

PPC Hero has a post about alternative ad networks to Google AdWords. The top two on the list are Bing and Facebook. Surprised?

I wouldn’t recommend giving up on Google AdWords, of course. But you should know that your click-throughs will cost you less at Bing and Facebook. However, you’ll get more traffic from Google if you write good ads and have a high quality landing page.

The problem facing many small businesses is that you don’t have a huge budget. If you can stretch your dollars to maximize awesome traffic from Google AdWords, then there’s a golden opportunity. But if you are starting out on the PPC advertising track, then you’ll need to learn how to write ads and build landing pages. While you’re learning, I recommend going light on your budget. Use the smaller ad networks.

Once you’ve proven that your ad writing and landing page skills are superb, then you can move up to Google AdWords. Use the smaller networks for practice.

Even after graduating to Google AdWords, you can still use the smaller ad networks. Facebook has a unique way of targeting consumers based on demographics whereas Google and Bing use a keyword-based approach.

PPC advertising is as effective as it ever was. Your key to success is to maximize click-throughs on your limited budget.