co How Story Marketing Can Increase Your Brand Position |

Story marketing is becoming more and more important as more businesses discover how to do it properly. With the proper story well told, you can increase your brand positioning online and in the minds of your customers. It isn’t hard, but it can be challenging to find the right story to tell.

The first question you must ask is, “Whose story are we telling?”

It’s tempting to think that you must tell your own story – either your brand story, your corporate story, or the story of your founder or other strong personality. But it might be more powerful, actually, to tell your customer’s story. The question is, How do you tell your customer’s story?

First, think of your customer as the hero of the story. What problem is she trying to solve? What would cause your customer to be able to solve that problem and come out of it looking like a hero?

When you answer these questions succinctly, you’ll be better able to position your brand as the solution to your customer’s problem. But remember, it’s your customer’s story. He, or she, is the hero. Therefore, while your product or brand is being positioned to solve the problem, your story must be effective in making it clear that the real hero is your customer. If you can do that, your brand will come out smelling like a rose.