co How Bing Is Improving Search |

We haven’t heard from Bing in a while, every now and then we’ll get a glimpse into how they are improving search. With Google becoming more restrictive with link building practices and tightening the reigns on content quality, Bing has a golden opportunity to step forward and gain some share of the search market. I don’t know if any of these innovations will do that for them, but they have potential.

Here are seven new innovations Bing has introduced that could make a difference in search in the coming years. For the full list, see Bing’s blog.

  1. TED Talks – This could become a popular feature. If you search for a person who has given TED talks, Bing will return a bio along with a link of TED Talks they’ve given and you can watch them right there.
  2. Famous Speeches – If you search for a historic personality, you can listen to famous speeches by that person.
  3. Free Online Courses – Search for information on top universities and you can see what free courses they offer online.
  4. Scientific Concepts At A Glance – Search for scientific concepts and get information on those concepts in your search results, similar to how Google shows you the weather.
  5. Historic Events – Search for a historic event and read about it in the search results.
  6. Animal Research – Looking for information on a specific animal? Bing will also give you information on subspecies of that animal.
  7. App and Software Downloads – Bing will return safe download sites for apps and software you search for.

Each of these search features are a niche product for Bing and could increase search share by a small amount. More importantly, if these search features touch on your niche, then this is a golden opportunity for you to improve your traffic from Bing’s search results.