co 5 Ways Analytics Are Important To Your Local Business |

If you own a local business and you don’t track your sales, online website traffic, social media metrics, and offline conversions, then you are missing out on important information and important opportunities for your business. You should install an analytics program on your website and pay attention to the statistics that drive sound decision-making.

Here are 5 ways analytics are important to local businesses:

  1. Track local engagement – Your website sits on the World Wide Web, but your business is local. You can track your local visitors, reach, and local engagement with analytics. You can create custom reports that filter out unnecessary data so that you can focus on the information that is really important.
  2. Increase your revenue – The whole point of analytics is to provide you information for making decisions that will lead to an increase in revenue. Focus on that information.
  3. Mobile traffic is relevant – Mobile engagement is not going away. Mobile traffic is growing, and if you don’t have a responsive website in 2014, then you are way behind the online marketing curve. You should be tracking your mobile traffic and increasing your engagement with mobile users. Mobile marketing and local business go hand in hand.
  4. Offline conversions are important too – There’s a good chance you still get walk-in traffic and offline business. Many people will visit your website then visit your store. Track your conversions by making them a printable offer they can bring in with them.
  5. Determine your cost per customer – You should know what it costs you to acquire a new customer. This is the most important use for analytics. You can determine that cost by focusing on the relevant data.

Learn how to make analytics pay for itself with relevant, useful information.