co Link Building, Guest Blogging Go Hand In Hand |

Much has been said about link building and guest blogging. What many new content marketers don’t understand is that the two go hand in hand. Guest blogging can be a useful form of link building as long as you focus on quality and not just on acquiring links.

The links you get from guest blogging are usually in your author bio, which is published at the bottom of your articles when you get them published.

Your bio links are a benefit of guest blogging, not your purpose. The reason you want to be a guest blogger is to share your expertise with new audiences and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. But you want to do that on blogs that exist within your niche and that have a high authority rating. Stay away from low quality websites. That’s very important.

It isn’t necessary to write a guest blog post every day. You can do it once or twice a month and build solid links over time. Quality is much more important than quantity.

Before you start writing guest posts, look for potential publishers for your guest posts and make a list. Compile a list of publishers within your list that accept guest blog posts and make that your first step. From there, you can begin contacting them with article ideas. Be careful that you focus your articles on quality content no matter where you publish them.