co Have You Seen Your Google Traffic Decline? |

Google turned the Internet upside down with Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. Many site owners who previously were top dog in search results are now bottom of the barrel. Some of them aren’t very happy about it. I can see why. They’ve seen their Google traffic decline considerably.

To me, it illustrates a very important principle in marketing – diversify!

If you’ve spent your time relying on one source of Web traffic, then you are really asking for it if that well dries up. There are way too many options today for webmasters to rely on just one traffic source. Instead, you should focus on increasing your traffic from a variety of sources, then spend more time converting that traffic to sales based on past results.

What I mean is, if your No. 1 traffic referrer is Google, then try to figure out how to convert that traffic quickly. If your No. 1 referrer is Google but you see more conversions coming from Facebook traffic, then spend more time on Facebook while you try to figure out how to convert Google traffic.

Google is a business. They’re in business to make money for their stakeholders. To do that, they have to increase their revenues.

Instead of complaining about how your Google traffic has declined, why not spend your time more constructively and search for opportunities to turn your traffic into sales?