co Does SEO Have A Future? |

With so many changes happening at the search engine level, this is a trying time for many online marketers. That’s especially true where SEO is concerned because it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to measure results. Google no longer provides a free keyword research tool for non-PPC customers and they no longer provide keyword data to webmasters who are trying to measure the traffic to your websites and where that traffic is coming from.

Absence of data means webmasters have to go elsewhere for the information they need – if they get it at all.

Besides these big changes, you add personalized search to the mix, undisclosed social signals, and inbound links being discounted left and right, it might seem like SEO is broken. But it’s not.

Google still ranks web pages by keyword. They just don’t report the data that webmasters used to rely on to measure ranking success. The challenge for webmasters today is not in performing SEO but in tracking SEO results. That doesn’t mean you should give up on SEO.

Webmasters have to learn to get a little more crafty in finding the metrics that mean something to them. There are two things to consider here:

  • The possibility that you might be measuring the wrong data;
  • and The possibility that you might be measuring the right data the wrong way

Metrics is a necessary part of SEO. If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it. Google seems to be making it harder for marketers to measure their results, but it’s not impossible. It’s time to get creative.