co 5 Free Alternatives To Google Analytics |

I’m not suggesting you should give up on Google Analytics, especially now that they are in the process of rolling out Universal Analytics, but if you do decide to look around for other analytics services, here are five free alternatives to Google Analytics you might consider.

  1. Clicky – Clicky is one of the more popular Google Analytics alternatives. The free version provides basic features like content, search, and referral tracking. For the best features you’ll have to upgrade.
  2. Mixpanel – Mixpanel offers analytics for events management. Instead of just gauging traffic visits, Mixpanel gives you a picture of what people actually do on your website.
  3. Piwik – Piwik is a robust alternative to Google Analytics that you install on your own servers and you can track unlimited websites. They also offer a WordPress plug-in for tracking your WordPress website metrics.
  4. Inspectlet – You get 100 session recordings for free and a visitor-oriented analytics package/
  5. Open Web Analytics – Another open source analytics package that you upload to your server. You can track mouse movements, conversion statistics, and see heatmaps. Plus, it supports WordPress.

More and more webmasters are moving away from Google Analytics even as Google improves its analytics performance. If you’re one of them, try one of these alternatives – or try them all and let us know which one you like the most.