co Introducing LinkedIn Showcase Pages |

Companies doing business on LinkedIn have been able to connect with audiences through business pages. Now, LinkedIn has rolled out an additional level of social media for companies with multiple brands and divisions called Showcase Pages.

In order to use Showcase Pages you first need to have a company page. But the Showcase Page is specifically designed to give customers a chance to interact with businesses around a particular product or service offering rather than follow the brand and sift through all content just to find the few nuggets their interested in. I have to say, this is a novel idea and probably one of the best ideas LinkedIn has had in a long while. It’s also got the potential to be a great targeted marketing tool for enterprise businesses and small businesses alike.

For instance, if you operate a small business and you offer multiple services, you could start a Showcase Page for each service you offer provided that you have enough content to populate the page.

Enterprise businesses will find it easy to implement Showcase Pages. First, find the product brand or service you want to increase your reach and engagement for and click “Edit” on your company page. Then select “Create A Showcase Page.” That’s pretty much it. After that, you can start sharing content.

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