co Social Networks Have More Reach |

If reach is an important metric for your business, there is a new study out that indicates social networks have greater reach than ad exchanges and networks.

I can’t vouch for how reliable this study is, but it does look fairly interesting. Social networks were compared to ad exchanges, networks, video networks, and mobile campaigns. Of those, social networks won out for having the highest reach. That said, reach does not necessarily lead to conversions.

I’ll follow up by saying this:

  • Never rely on just one vertical or channel. While social networks are becoming better at extending their reach, you’ll achieve greater marketing exposure if you go through multiple channels.
  • Determine up front whether or not you want to reach new potential customers or if your end goal is to achieve more conversions. Also, have a follow-up plan. If your goal is to extend your reach on the short term so that you can acquire e-mail addresses and then use that information for conversion rate monitoring, then center your marketing around that plan.
  • Before you start any social media campaign, make sure your landing page is optimized and ready to convert. Higher reach does not necessarily lead to higher conversions, but you want to give yourself every opportunity to increase conversions when you can.

It’s nice to see social networks finally getting the respect they deserve.