co How's The Holiday Marketing Going? |

We’re just two-and-a-half weeks away from Thanksgiving. Have you started your holiday marketing yet?

The key to holiday marketing is to start early. You’ve likely seen some Christmas advertising on TV already. If you are marketing online, you do not necessarily need to start running your ads yet. But you should have started your holiday marketing planning by now.

The kind of planning that I’m talking about is getting your specials planned and landing pages built so that you can make them live on the day your specials start. Also, you’ll want to start writing your content. You don’t have to distribute your content just yet, but you can set your content calendar and get it in the queue so that you can publish it on time. That’s critically important if you have a blog that you will be adding additional content for. And if you are planning to publish social media content to promote your e-commerce store for your Christmas specials, get it written now.

The more you write in advance, the less you’ll be writing when it’s time to promote.

Get your holiday marketing started now. Implement it when the time comes to get your target market shopping.