co Why 'First Click Free' Can Lead To Higher Revenues |

Few of us would dispute that webmasters and businesses have a right to put their best content behind a pay wall. However, if you put all of your content behind a pay wall, then it can’t be indexed by Google. Unless, of course, you give Google’s bots access to that content. You can do that with First Click Free.

First Click Free allows you to open your paid content to visitors for free only on the first visit. After that, if they want to read your content, then they have to pay for it. It’s a great way to interest new readers to your premium content.

Think of it as like a magazine rack. You walk into a convenience store and see a rack full of magazines. You pick one up and thumb through it. After checking out the table of contents and the first few paragraphs of an article that interests you, you then decide to buy the magazine and take it home. First Click Free allows your site visitors a chance to preview your content and decide if they want to subscribe.

Not everyone will subscribe, of course. But some of those visitors wouldn’t subscribe anyway. First Click Free allows you to reach those site visitors who are on the fence.

By giving Google access to your premium content, you ensure that your content is indexed in the search engines. This will attract new visitors who can check out your content for free on the first visit. A certain percentage of those new visitors will subscribe to your premium content, increasing your revenues. Think of First Click Free as an open door you have control over.