co How To Ensure You Rank In The Search Engines |

Ranking in the search engines is not as difficult as some folks might lead you to believe. It certainly doesn’t boil down to using all the right keywords with all the right keyword densities. In fact, if you are still counting keyword densities, then there’s a good chance you might fall victim to an algorithm update or complete change in how web pages are ranked.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t use keywords at all. I’m not saying that.

What I am saying is that you shouldn’t fall into the trap of making your content be all about the keywords. You can use the keywords to enhance your content, but let the content be about what your readers want to read – and need for their businesses.

So, how do you do that exactly? Well, it certainly does start with keywords.

What you are looking for with your keyword research is to find out how often people conduct searches for particular phrases. Once you discover the right keywords people use for their searches, your job then is to craft content that people want to read around those keywords without stuffing your content full of those keywords. Make your content flow naturally while optimizing it organically.

After that, your job is to then promote your content to the right audience. There are ways to do that too, and if you do it right, then you’ll add the right amount of off-page optimization to your on-page optimization efforts.