co How To Market To Young Moms |

Do you know who spends more time on social networks than everyone else? Young moms. Or, more specifically, moms with young children.

At least, that’s what Experian Marketing Services says.

Moms with young children are two times more likely to use social networks three times a day or more. If you have a product that would appeal to that demographic, then the place you need to be is online. You can reach your audience through social networks.

But moms with young children aren’t just talking to their friends on Facebook. They’re also engaging with brands online.

Given that information, does that change how you view social networking? Does that change how you view online marketing? Will you change how you’ve been marketing to young moms? If not, then maybe you need a little bit more encouraging. This demographic is also more likely to access the Web from their mobile phones than the rest of the population. And they spend more time on their tablets when they are at home.

Social networking is a growing area of marketing for a lot of businesses. As a result, more companies are doing it, but are they doing it right?

As more businesses go online, they’ll want to know what is the most effective way of reaching their target audience. Social networking isn’t the only way to reach your target market, but if the demographic is right, then it can be an effective way to reach your audience – especially if they’re young moms.