co Tweet-A-Gifts: Good Marketing? |

Social media marketing is becoming more and more of a valid (and valuable) marketing strategy for more businesses. The methods and strategies are getting to be more sophisticated, much like the old media marketing methods of the 20th century. A good example is this marketing strategy used by both Starbucks and Amazon to use Twitter as a gift giving platform.

Amazon’s program is charitable. Called Amazon Smile Program, you can designated .05% on the purchase of eligible items in Amazon’s store to go to a charity of your choice. The good news is that money comes out of Amazon’s pocket, not yours.

For Starbucks, it’s a matter of Twitter users passing a $5 Starbucks gift certificate on to some of their followers. Cynthia Boris reports that there was a technical glitch in the program when she used it, but it did send the gift certificate and take her money. She also points out that should your gift certificate recipient not click the link and redeem the gift card, then it’s money lost on your part.

Here’s a fix for the money lost part: Hold a contest or a drawing of some sort. You can use the Twitter gift card idea as an incentive to increase purchase amounts in your e-commerce store. Tell your buyers that if they purchase X dollars worth of merchandise during a certain period of time, then they’ll be entered into a drawing for the Starbucks gift certificate. This will do a number of things for your marketing program.

  1. It will allow you to capture Twitter handles of your customers easily
  2. It will encourage more purchases and therefore more profit
  3. It could draw you in a few more customers who may not have purchased anything had it not been for the contest
  4. It immediately connects you to a recognized brand that should result in a boost in your credibility right off the bat.

Hopefully, you get your own ideas for using Twitter as a promotional tool for your business. Perhaps Twitter gift giving is an up-and-coming idea whose time has come.