co Why Tumblr Might Be The Perfect Vehicle For Your Brand |

Aside from the fact that web properties like Geocities and Posterous have been cut off from the World Wide Web – and it could happen to Tumblr too – Tumblr might actually be a good way to help you attract new readers for your blog and new customers for your business. There are three huge benefits to using the service, according to Search Engine Journal.

Here are the three big benefits to using Tumblr:

  • It’s a good SEO tool – The Tumblr platform is great for search engine optimization. You can optimize your blog posts and get them indexed in the search engines. If you do it well, you can get them ranked highly. But that’s not all. You can also use Tumblr to build dofollow inbound links to your website. Each time a post is shared on Tumblr, that’s more links.
  • Tumblr is social – Tumblr isn’t just a blog or an SEO tool. It’s also a social platform. You can follow other blogs you like and other people can follow you. Build a huge following and your Tumblr blog can reach a lot of people through some big time engagement.
  • It’s very visual – Tumblr is the perfect visual marketing tool. Photos and memes are very popular on Tumblr and posts with great visuals end up getting shared more.

That’s not to say that Tumblr is for everyone. Not all businesses would benefit from using it, but if you think you have a brand that could benefit from Tumblr’s SEO/social mix, then give it a go.