co Native Advertising: The Next Big Thing |

Native advertising is social media content that looks like content but is really advertising. It looks and feels like the usual content you would find on social media, but when you click on the link and read or watch, then you discover that you are being advertised to. Really effective native advertising is creative and resembles actual real content even while you’re reading or watching it. It’s the next big thing on social.

Business Insider tells us why.

In 2017, companies will spend more than $10 billion on social advertising. Forty percent of that will be spent on native advertising. Whether you like it or not, the trend is growing. But the reason the trend is growing is because native advertising is very effective.

Twitter started the trend with its promoted tweets. Since then, other social networks have got into the action, including Facebook.

In fact, according to Business Insider, native ads generate 49% more click-throughs and result in 54% lower cost-per-click than traditional social ads. Both Pinterest and LinkedIn are starting to get in on the native advertising bandwagon. I expect other social networks to get involved too.

If native advertising is growing so well, and if it’s so effective, then shouldn’t businesses be doing it?

That’s the question I’ll leave with you. Would you consider spending on native ads? Are you planning to? Why or why not?