co Finding Keyword Opportunities |

It’s easy to get stuck in a keyword rut. You started a blog or a website and a year later you are looking for new keywords. You think you’ve exhausted all the possibilities. Think again.

Keyword research is not an activity that you perform once and it’s done. It’s an ongoing activity. You should revisit your keywords every so often, not just to find new keywords but also to ensure the older keywords are still valuable. You may have to retire a keyword or two.

Keyword opportunities do not necessarily pop out at you. You might have to look for them.

And I mean going beyond Google Keyword Planner, which is a nice tool. You can find keyword opportunities in unexpected places. For instance, ask your customers when they come into your store how they found you. If they conducted a Google search and found your website, what search query did they use? Were they on top for that search query or did they have to scroll down?

Another way to find keyword opportunities is to use the Suggested Search tool in Google and Bing. YOU go searching for your business using keywords associated with your website. What do the search engines suggest instead?

These two methods alone can uncover incredible keywords you might have missed otherwise. Keep a running list of keyword opportunities on hand and try to capitalize on the ones that are the best for your business.