co Klout Partners With Bing On Snapshots |

First, there was Google+ Authorship. Now, you can help people find you on Bing through Bing Snapshots. But you need to claim your Klout profile.

And then you need to link your Klout profile to your LinkedIn profile.

Benefits to doing this include:

  • Your public LinkedIn summary will appear in your Bing Snapshots profile
  • Your Bing Snapshot will include your Klout-connected social profiles
  • Searchers will also see your Klout Score and influential topics
  • Two of your most influential Twitter posts from the past 7 days will also be shown

I don’t know if this is evidence that Klout is getting better or that Bing is getting better, but I’d recommend that you claim your Klout profile immediately and link it to your social media accounts, especially your LinkedIn account. It will make you more searchable at Bing.

Of course, you can control how your Bing Snapshot appears by editing your LinkedIn profile and your Klout profile.

To sign up for your Bing Snapshot account, after verifying your Klout profile and linking it to your LinkedIn profile, you’ll need to sign up for one at Klout.

This is the next iteration of search + social. Google has done it and Bing has done it. Now they’re both trying to do it better.