co Is It All About Schema And Authorship? |

Just about every time Google updates its algorithms you’ll see an onslaught of SEOs and online marketers predicting what they think the change means long term. Most of these predictions are wrong. Some are right on, and sometimes the person making the prediction is so far out in left field it’s hard to believe anyone takes them seriously.

Recently, SiteProNews ran a story about Hummingbird. The author shares 5 things you need to do right now to your website to adapt to a post-Hummingbird Web. Well, one of those things I’d say is a little out there. The others are pretty close. I’m going to discuss two of those suggestions.

Schema Mark Up
Schema is largely misunderstood if it’s understood at all. It’s not a new coding language or way of displaying information on a website. It’s a new way of formatting information so that the search engines can better present it and catalog it for searchers. For the most part, web pages that employ schema have a leg up over those that don’t – but that was true before Hummingbird.

Google Authorship
Google Authorship is a way to add instant credibility to your content in the search engines by tying it to the reputation of the author. It’s fairly easy to implement and, if you do it successfully, you’ll enjoy higher search engine rankings for a long time to come. I think Google Authorship is simply going to improve.

Hummingbird changes things in search, but not too drastically. For the most part, schema and authorship were important before Hummingbird, but they are intrinsically more important now.