co Killing The E-mail Marketing Myths |

There are a lot of myths surrounding Internet marketing in general, but there are plenty surrounding e-mail marketing in particular. In fact, Marketing Pilgrim mentions 7 e-mail marketing myths to avoid. I’d like to echo their sentiments.

One myth in particular I’d like to address is the fewer e-mails myth. In this myth, you are encouraged to send fewer e-mails because that is allegedly going to result in more conversions for you. Sadly, it doesn’t.

It’s really common sense. The idea is that you’ll annoy your recipients if you send too many e-mails. The problem with this thinking is that your recipients have given you permission to contact them by e-mail. They will assume that you send out frequent e-mails. Based on that assumption, you should send MORE e-mails, not fewer.

That doesn’t mean you should bombard your audience with endless e-mails. If you send several e-mails a day, that’s probably too many. But if you send 4 e-mails a month (essentially 1 per week), then you are way more likely to get more conversions than if you send just 1 per month. The latest statistic is that 4 e-mails per month doubles the number of conversions as 1 per month. The more conversions you get, the higher your revenue.

Here’s the deal: Don’t send less than 1 e-mail per week. You may as well not have an e-mail marketing strategy at all. Instead, send at least one per week. One e-mail per day isn’t out of the question, but check the expectations of your audience and your niche.