co Google's Secret Market Research Tool |

Google has a market research tool that few people know about. It’s a simple tool to use, but you can use it to find global markets for expanding your business and conducting alternative keyword research. It’s called Global Market Finder.

You don’t need a Google account to use the tool. You simply go to the website, choose a country that you’re from and enter your list of keywords. After clicking the “Find Opportunity” button you’ll see a list of countries. Click the country whose market you want to research and you can see your local monthly searches for that market and the average cost per click for AdWords ads. There is also a column for Competition, making it similar to the old Google External Keyword Research tool that was retired earlier this year.

So you choose the country whose market you are interested in and look at the competitive level for your keywords in that country. If you want to explore additional keywords for that country, then click the link offering that option and you’ll see a list of related keywords with the same information on each keyword.

This is a great tool for international companies or companies who would like to expand their businesses across international lines. Don’t be held back from expanding for lack of research. You have plenty of tools at your disposal.