co Don't Make These E-mail Marketing Mistakes |

E-mail marketing is one of the most powerful ways to market any business. If you look, you’ll probably find that many of your best customers come to you through your e-mail marketing efforts. One reason for that is your e-mail list is a warm prospect list. These are people who have already given you permission to contact them, so when you do, they are more open to what you have to offer.

Still, it doesn’t matter how warm your list is, you can still make mistakes. Here are two common e-mail marketing mistakes that cause you to lose money in sales.

  1. Poor Subject Lines – People read your e-mails based on your subject lines. If you write poor subject lines, or the ones you write fail to get your readers’ attention, then no one is going to read your e-mail. If no one reads it, then you won’t sell them anything – even if you do everything else right.
  2. No, or lousy, calls to action – Let’s say you wrote a great subject line that got the most readers for any e-mail you’ve ever sent. Did you see a low conversion rate? That might be because you left off the call to action, or your call to action might not have motivated anyone to take action. Ask for the sale and ask for it strongly.

Every e-mail you send it should have a strong subject line that gets people to read your e-mail and a strong call to action that causes people to click and make a purchase. It won’t work on everyone, but if it isn’t working on anyone, then it isn’t working.