co Facebook Insights Changes Its Metrics Reporting |

If you have a Facebook page and you haven’t switched over to the new Facebook Insights reporting look, then I encourage you to do that right away. I think you’ll be impressed with the new metrics reports. Some things have changed for the better.

What’s gone from Facebook Insights are “Virality” and “People Talking About This” (PTAT) This is good. For the longest time, I wondered just what the PTAT metric was supposed to measure. That metric has actually been split into several other measurements, all of which are much more helpful for Page admins.

The new metrics categories include:

  • Page Likes
  • People Engaged
  • Tags and Mentions
  • Check-ins

Reach is still reported as organic versus paid. The new Facebook Insights also shows you some benchmarks on the important metrics. On the “Visits” tab, if you scroll to the bottom of the report, you’ll see a report for “External Referrers,” which shows you where traffic from off Facebook is coming from. This is useful if you spend a great deal of time promoting your Facebook page. If you promote your page on your own website, then you can see if your site is sending traffic to your Facebook page. You can also see if you are getting traffic to your page from your other shops online and other social media profiles.

The By-Post reporting is also improved, both visually and by metric. You should take some time out to play with the new Facebook Insights as I think you’ll be impressed.