co 3 Ways To Get New Content Ideas For Your Facebook Page |

Do you run a Facebook page? If you have a Facebook page and you are looking for ways to get new content ideas for your page, then I have three ways to get fresh new ideas.

  1. Use Facebook Insights – Start with Facebook Insights. This is Facebook’s analytics for your page. By Reach, Engagement, and Virality, pick your hottest topics and think of new ways to approach those topics with new content ideas.
  2. Follow your Twitter stream – Take a look at your Twitter stream. What’s popular? Do you see anything interesting that you could post about on your Facebook page. It can be something that you cross-post from Twitter or something that makes you think of something else. Either way, don’t pass up the opportunity to put a new spin on that something.
  3. Use StumbleUpon Interests – You can go to StumbleUpon and browse through the Interests pages. Collect images, videos, and other content on a particular interest related to your niche. This is a good way to find new content to post to your Facebook page.

You likely know about Google Alerts, which is an easy way to be notified by Google whenever specific keywords are mentioned online. As a content marketer, you should always be looking for new ways to find content to post on your blog or website.