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How many times have you tried to set up a conference call, or attend one, and had trouble figuring out exactly when the call was to take place? If you live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the person organizing your conference call is in London, what time should you be online if the call is taking place at 4 p.m. GMT? World Time Buddy will tell you.

By the way, if it’s 4 p.m. in London, then it will be 11 a.m. in New York and 8 a.m. in Los Angeles. Today, at least.

It is very important in a global marketplace to be able to convert time zones. You will likely be meeting with people and discussing business with people from all over the world. If you need to discuss an important business proposal with a contact in Australia and you live in Denver, Colorado, then you need to know that at 10 a.m. your time it will be 3 a.m. in Sydney, Australia. That may not be the best time to call your prospect. But if you’ll wait five hours, then it will be 8 a.m. in Sydney and 3 p.m. in Denver.

Staying organized is very important no matter what business you are in. Keeping your time organized is no less important than keeping your activities organized.