co Why Facebook Is Good For Business |

Facebook is not just a social networking site for individuals. It’s also a good opportunity for businesses. If you are operating your business through a personal profile, however, I’d like to encourage you to convert that into a Facebook page.

Facebook pages are powerful marketing tools because they are public and easily sharable. In other words, not only can you share them with your friends, but anyone who happens upon your page can share it with their friends.

They are also versatile. Facebook pages can be a reflection of your brand as you can design the header and your image to create the impression you want to create among your audience. You can also order your content in such a way that it is creative and reflects your business’s core values. Facebook pages look more professional and you can share all types of content on your page.

Facebook Insights is an analytics component to all business pages that allows you to see which of your published content is most engaging. You can see how many people have liked and shared your content as well as what your overall reach is for your content. Plus, if you want to cast a wider net with your Facebook marketing and individual pieces of content, then you can promote them easily through your Facebook page.

There are a lot of benefits to having a Facebook page. It all boils down to opportunity. Facebook is good for business.