co 3 Things You Should Do For Your YouTube Videos |

YouTube is a great opportunity for most brands to tell their stories visually and through a powerful medium. YouTube is still the second largest search engine online. It’s the largest video sharing site. But to give you the maximum advantage you need for better video exposure, I recommend you implement these three tactics for all of your YouTube videos.

  1. Video embedding – If you disable video embedding on your videos, then you are essentially sending the message that you don’t want exposure. If that is the case, then why share your videos at all? If you are using YouTube for your business at all, then you should enable video embedding to allow your videos to be shared widely across the Internet.
  2. Keep them short – Short videos get viewed more often and shared more often. They are also more likely to be embedded. Increase your exposure opportunities by keeping your videos on the short side.
  3. Share on social media – Your video marketing plan shouldn’t end with YouTube. That’s where it begins. Maximize your exposure by sharing your videos on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. The wider your circulation the more likely you are to reach people you want to do business with.

YouTube video marketing is a search and social media marketing tactic. Increase your exposure by implementing these three easy and quick changes to your YouTube videos.