co Google Updates Its Algorithm Again |

Talk is going around the Internet that Google updated its algorithm last month. The algorithm update actually has a name – Hummingbird. Catchy, huh?

Well, Google finally let everyone know – at a 15th birthday party for the company that appears to have happened only in the eyes of a few select media personnel.

This new update is supposed to affect about 90% of searches. Strange no one noticed it until Google mentioned it. Another thing that makes it interesting is its heavy reliance on Google’s Knowledge Graph. We’re talking about moving one step closer to the semantic Web here.

If you haven’t started writing natural language content yet, now is the time. I wouldn’t proclaim keyword-based content dead, but it could be dead within five years.

Think about that. If you can ask Google a question and get a direct answer in the SERPs, then why do we need any other websites? But I think even Hummingbird is a long way from that. The big question for search marketers concerning this new update is this: How should I produce content going forward so that it has a reasonable chance of obtaining a respectable search engine ranking?

Of course, that’s a question we should always have been answering.

Here’s what I think is the best answer: Keep using keywords, but start moving toward natural language content that answers searchers’ questions right off the bat.