co Are Google+ And Facebook Competing? |

Google+ has been making some great changes lately. One author says it is allowing the social network to catch up with Facebook, but is it? Should we care?

The problem with this thinking is the “so what” factor. If Google+ did catch up to Facebook in terms of users, traffic, etc., would it matter? Would you use it more? Less?

The fact is, both Google+ and Facebook offer marketers a lot of value. Depending on who your audience is, you can use one or both social networks to gain traction for your business and increase your reputation online. Using Google+ does have search benefits that using Facebook doesn’t, but not by much. Google is actively trying to discourage spammers by not turning Google+ into an SEO haven. Still, the more you use it the higher your Google+ profile rises in the SERPs.

That’s also true of any social network – Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, et. al.

Most of us can reach different audiences on Facebook and Google+, which means there is value in both networks. The key is in learning how to use them to reach the audience you want to reach. That means taking the time to learn their features.

In the long run, you’ll do better if you develop a strategy for using both Google+ and Facebook. It’s not an either/or solution.