co 5 Ways To Get Good Content Ideas |

If you have a business blog or you need website content, or even if you do any guest blogging or publish articles at various places around the Web, you need a way to come up with constant content ideas. Depending on how much content you produce, you’ll need create an editorial calendar so you can ensure you have your ideas set before you need them.

Your first and best source of ideas for content is your customers. You should be talking to them on a daily basis. Find out what their questions and concerns are.

  • When your customers ask a question, that’s the perfect time to note what they want to know more about. The next time you write an article or blog post, answer a question you’ve heard from one of your customers.
  • Another great source of content ideas is Twitter or Facebook if you are a B2C business (LinkedIn if you are B2B). People will ask questions on social media that they may not ask in person or on the phone. Many times, these people are total strangers, or they are people who read your blog. Find out what questions your fans and followers on social media have and write your content around that.
  • Read other blogs in your niche. If your competition is writing about it, then that’s a good bet that they are getting those questions from their customers.
  • Read product or service reviews. People write reviews on and other review sites based on their perceptions of how things should work. When a negative comment is made about a product, it’s because the user had an expectation that was not met. You can use that as a springboard for your own content. Even positive reviews can lead to good content for you.
  • You can also get great content ideas from customer requests. Rather than just listen to your customers’ questions about your niche, pay attention to new services and products they are asking for. These can often lead to great content ideas.

If you listen to your customers, vendors, partners, and your competition, you should be able to come up with a steady stream of content ideas that will keep you busy for a long time.