co 5 Pinterest Mistakes To Avoid |

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing and most used social media websites online. There is a lot of value in Pinterest for its users. Its visual elements keep social media interesting and websites whose owners and managers make use of it benefit with increased traffic and conversions.

Here are 5 Pinterest-specific mistakes to avoid if you are engaging with your audience on the social network:

  1. Not using a Pinterest business page – Businesses can now operate as a business on Pinterest. When you use Pinterest as a business you can get eyes on your analytics every day. See how many people are pinning, re-pinning, and liking your images.
  2. Posting too much at one time – Instead of going on Pinterest marathons where you pin 20 or 30 images at once, install the Pin It button on your browser and create new pins throughout the day.
  3. Failing to post descriptions – For every pin you post to Pinterest, write a short description. It doesn’t have to be long, but these descriptions can be optimized for search, and it gives context to your audience.
  4. Making your boards imbalanced – You’ll get a lot more out of Pinterest if you create well-rounded pin boards. Don’t just post pins from your own website. Pin things from around the web, pin videos and images, and like a few pins from others. Think diversity.
  5. Not using Pinterest at all – Many B2B businesses stay away from Pinterest because the perception is it is geared toward B2C. That’s not true. Any business can use Pinterest and get a lot of value.

Pinterest is one of the Web’s best social media destinations. Take advantage of it.