co Creating Online Marketing Personas |

One of the growing interests among serious Internet marketers is the task of creating personas. This is an important task for many marketers because it tells you who your audience is. It says who you should be speaking to, but even more important than that, a good list of personas will tell you how you should be speaking.

For any niche, there are at least half a dozen types of clients you might be interested in doing business with. For each type of client, there is a list of features and benefits they are looking for and a list of problems they want to solve. Sometimes, these overlap between your various targets. Sometimes they don’t. But if your product or service meets the needs of these professional people, then you need to know which specific needs your product or service solves for each persona.

For instance, if you’re an auto mechanic, you might be interested in Joe Public, but if you specialize in foreign cars, then you’re only interested in people who drive those cars.

If you work on industrial or commercial vehicles only, then your persona list may include maintenance chiefs at taxi companies, rental car companies, bus lines, trucking companies, construction companies, and other industrial employers who own fleets of vehicles or who hire independent owners to work for them. You would get your online marketing started on the right track if you created a profile of each of the personas your company serves. Your marketing will go a lot more smoothly.