co Like Facebook, Like Google+ |

Last month, Facebook announced that you could embed posts on your blog or website. Well, it seems Google+ didn’t want to be left out, so they decided to add an Embed Post feature too.

This is actually a useful feature, no matter what social media site it’s on – even though I couldn’t get the Google+ embed code to work in WordPress (so I’ll just link to the Vic Gundotra announcement). Embedding posts allows you to take a Facebook or Google+ post and embed it directly into your content rather than simply saying So-and-So said on Facebook (or Google+).

There’s another application, however, that can benefit your business. If you are active on these social networks, then your posts could be embedded by others. That’s great marketing and great exposure, if you can make it happen. So how can you encourage more embeds of your content? By writing and posting great content.

Make your social media posts count. Don’t just opt for the easy-to-produce self-promotional items. Work hard to add value to your social media accounts in at least some of the following ways:

  • Add images to make your social media posts more visual
  • Share helpful and valuable content on your Facebook and Google+ streams
  • Mention your followers by name, especially if they have blogs
  • Think of a particular customer and write a post that you know would help that customer solve a problem
  • Promote someone else’s content with a nice, long write up on why you like it
  • Recognize someone for an oustanding accomplishment

The way to ensure more embeds of your content is to write great content that people want to share with others.