co Why Social Media Advertising Is On The Rise |

Social media advertising is a sweet blend of pay per click advertising and social media. Business Insider recently observed that both Facebook and Twitter have surpassed the 50% revenue mark from mobile users. That’s not surprising given that mobile usage is going up by the day.

But when most of your revenue is coming from one source of traffic and that source of traffic is going up, it’s pretty significant to point that out.

Mobile marketing is a big thing, but social media advertising is even bigger. It allows advertisers the ability to target specific demographics of potential customers who are important to them based on buying patterns and affinities. The reason social media advertising is increasing by leaps and bounds, however, has something to do with advertising that is called ‘native advertising’. This is advertising that appears in the news feed of Twitter and Facebook users.

It’s a lot more difficult to ignore these kinds of ads since they don’t necessarily look like ads. That could account for the increase in advertising revenues for the two social media giants Twitter and Facebook.

I don’t think we’ll see a decline in social media advertising any time soon. I think will likely see more increased revenues and an increase in advertising. Are you going to join the movement?