co Your Three-Step Lead Generation System |

E-mail marketing is still as effective today as it ever was. But you’ve got to generate leads. To generate leads you have to build trust. Here’s your three-step plan for generating trust and building your e-mail list by generating more leads.

  1. Set up your opt-in system – You have to have a system in place if you want to generate e-mail leads. That requires a form. You can create your own form or use a service like Constant Contact and use their forms to generate your leads. Once you create the opt-in form you have to publish it on your website.
  2. Promote your offer – It’s best if you offer something in return for your prospect’s e-mail. People generally don’t want to give you their personal information for nothing. Present them with an irresistible offer – a freebie, a discount, something to incentivize them giving you their e-mail address. After you’ve got your offer set and published, promote it through social media and other means to drive traffic to your opt-in page.
  3. Make good on your promises – Before you start selling to your list, make sure you have fulfilled all of your promises. If you promised a free book or download, make sure it was delivered. Follow up on your prospects if you can. If you always follow through on your promises, you’ll build more trust and set up a climate for successful selling.

The most important part of your lead generation system is you. Make sure you are honest and follow through with all of your promises. Even people don’t trust you, they won’t give you the time of day, let alone their e-mail address.