co How To Create Quality Facebook Content |

Facebook took a survey of its users and asked them how they judge quality. The questions seemed to center around whether or not Facebook users were turned on or off from content in their news feeds based on certain criteria. The results weren’t all that surprising, but they are important.

In essence, Facebook is encouraging businesses to improve the quality of their news feed content by

  • Posting only what is timely and relevant
  • Seeking information from trustworthy sources
  • Posting content that you would share with your friends
  • Refraining from posting content in an attempt to game the news feed (in other words, make it genuinely interesting
  • Don’t post low-quality posts or memes
  • Don’t post anything you would complain about seeing in your news feed

The real story here is that Facebook is concerned about quality, but what is considered “quality” may vary from user to user. The end result is what content appears on each individual’s news feed.

The takeaway is this: You should give careful consideration to content you post on Facebook. Think of your audience. Are you posting information, or data, that they will genuinely find useful? Are you getting your posts form trustworthy sources and sharing content that you would Like or re-post if you saw it in your own news feed? If not, then maybe you should adjust your Facebook strategy.