co Building Links With Interviews |

Interviews can be a great source of links if you know what you’re doing. All it takes is a little savvy and some creativity. Here are four ways you can use interviews to build links back to your website or blog.

  1. Video – This is a simple concept that takes time and commitment. Get your interview prospect to commit to an interview. Bring your camera. Conduct the interview then distribute the video online to video sharing websites. Don’t forget about YouTube! You can then embed the video on your own site. If the interview is good, other people will embed it on their site as well.
  2. Blog – Your blog is an obvious choice, but all you have to do is ask good questions and get good answers. Post them as a blog post.
  3. Podcast – If you conduct your interview by phone, ask your prospect if you can record it. After recording the interview, upload it to your website as a podcast or audio interview.
  4. Free download – Conduct an interview and publish it as a free PDF download. You can entice people to sign up for your newsletter or give you their e-mail address for marketing purposes by interviewing a celebrity in your niche.

Interviews are great ways to gain recognition and notoriety while building inbound links for your website. Take the time and conduct an interview today.