co 5 Ways To Promote Your E-book For Maximum Exposure |

E-books are some of the best promotional tools you can add to your online arsenal. In fact, a good e-book that sells well can do a lot more to make you an expert in your niche than almost anything else. But you have to promote your e-book. You can’t just build it and let it sit.

Here are 5 powerful ways you can promote your e-book so that you get the recognition you deserve as an author and an expert in your niche:

  1. Press Release – Even online, press releases are still a powerful public relations tool. A good press release well placed can deliver great traffic to your website and get you excellent media attention.
  2. Your Blog – If you’re going to do any online promotion, then you should make great use of your blog. You can promote your e-book with one post or, better yet, put the cover image in your sidebar so that every visitor you get can see your e-book’s proud display. Be sure to link it to the sales page.
  3. Book Reviews – Finding bloggers and websites online to review your e-book can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Every review you get is a feather in your cap.
  4. Give Aways – You can rock the online world with give aways. Stage a give away of your e-book for the best comment on your blog or just collect e-mails. If your readers enjoy your e-book, you’ll get great reviews and sell more e-books.
  5. Go Social – Where else can you make a powerful message even more powerful than social media? Promote your book through the popular social media channels without being a media hound and you’ll find happy readers.

Got an e-book to sell, or one you’re giving away for free? Get it out there and promote it. You’ll be a recognized expert in your niche in no time.