co Expand Your Content Marketing Reach |

When it comes to content marketing, it isn’t enough to simply post high quality content on your own website. If you really want to reach your target audience and develop relationships with more of the people you want to do business with, then you have to take the content to them. Here are 4 ways you can develop a more aggressive content marketing strategy.

  1. Guest blogging – It’s great that you’re posting on your own blog on a regular basis, but are you doing any guest blogging? If not, you should. By taking advantage of guest blogging opportunities as they arise you can reach more people at a faster rate. More importantly, you can reach members of your audience that you aren’t currently reaching through your own blog.
  2. Multi-channel content marketing – Why just limit yourself to your own blog and a few other blogs in your industry? Branch out into multiple channels that include print trade journals, industry magazines, and print and e-mail newsletters. Wherever your audience is, there you should be also.
  3. Newsjacking – Newsjacking is the practice of hijacking a breaking news story before it gets too popular and introducing your own ideas into the story. This works best if you can create a successful tie-in to your business from a unique angle related to the breaking news.
  4. Real-time PR – Real-time public relations is about more than kicking out a press release and waiting for a journalist to call. Real-time PR is about getting the attention you deserve right now. Using the real-time tools of the Web – such as social media, your blog, and YouTube – you generate media attention for yourself in real-time and reap the benefits of a solid PR campaign without spending weeks or months in planning.

When it comes to content marketing, think outside the box. You can expand your reach in powerful ways.