co Coming Soon: Embeddable Facebook Posts |

How many times have you sat down to write and thought, “Geez, I’d love to embed that Facebook post here so I could show my readers just what I’m talking about.” Instead, you had to screenshot the post and just give them an image, which is good but not quite the same thing.

Well, it won’t be long and you’ll be able to embed Facebook posts in your blog (or anywhere else).

Mashable wrote about this yesterday. It appears that only a select handful of news organizations currently have the ability to embed Facebook posts. Mashable is one of them. The Huffington Post and People magazine are two more. It won’t be long and we’ll all be able to do it.

How can marketers improve their ability to reach their target audiences through embedded Facebook posts?

For starters, you can embed posts directly into your blog, but that’s obvious. How about being able to post to your Facebook wall and monitor your posts going viral based on how many people are embedding your posts? I suspect that if you have a Facebook page, then you’ll be able to see how many of your posts have been embedded through Facebook Insights.

This looks like a good opportunity for social media marketers. I’m certainly excited about it.