co Google Changes How It Reports AdWords Quality Scores |

Quality scores are very important for Google AdWords users. Your ad position is determined by your quality score. Therefore, it behooves you to ensure that your quality score is as high as possible.

Google reports quality scores on a 1-10 numeric scale. That scale is tied to three key aspects of your AdWords campaign:

  1. Expected Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  2. Ad Relevance
  3. Landing Page Experience

Recently, Google announced they’re changing how they report AdWords quality scores. They aren’t changing how the quality scores are calculated, just how they’re reported. This could make a big difference for some advertisers.

Since your quality scores is based on three key factors noted above, you should spend some time analyzing your AdWords campaigns to see how you stack up.

In terms of your expected CTR, you should analyze how well your targeted keyword matches your ad content. This metric is based on your exact match keyword. It’s also important to note that we’re discussing expected CTR, not actual CTR.

Related to ad relevance, this factor has to do with the relevance of your keyword to your actual ad. If someone searches for your targeted keyword, will your ad show up in the search results?

Finally, landing page experience is a big factor. When searchers click on your ad and visit your landing page, do they receive a positive experience? Is your landing page easy to navigate? Is it well designed? Is the information laid out logically? Do your users find it useful? These are all important factors in determining your AdWords quality score.

When you manage your Google AdWords campaigns, pay careful attention to your keywords, ads, landing pages, and click-through rates. Your quality score is determined by those factors.